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I (Ben) am from Seattle, WA, and Jen is from Ontario, Canada. We became best friends at Trinity Western University in 2004, dated in 2005, and got married in 2006. We worked and traveled overseas until 2009, when we moved to Enumclaw so that I could accept a call to youth ministry and Jen could begin graduate courses in marriage and family counseling at Seattle Pacific University. 

I have served in youth, small groups, and pastoral ministries in Enumclaw for over 12 years. I was a substitute teacher for 3 years and served in Young Life for 6 years. I visited students weekly at the high school and middle school lunches for 9 years until Covid-19 closed the campuses. My biggest accomplishment is that I've discipled countless people to new faith in Jesus and had the honor of baptizing them. 

Jen completed her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and opened a counseling practice in Enumclaw, where she has helped people heal and overcome personal and relational issues. The practice keeps her plenty busy, and she enjoys the opportunity to walk alongside others in their journey for healing. 

We have three incredible children: Judah (10), Evangeline (9), and Moses (7). They each were born in Enumclaw's St. Elizabeth hospital, grew up in local preschools, and attend public elementary school. They love soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, and wrestling, and they make several friends through their sports and activities. 

As a family you can catch us planning our next trip to a national park or playing games together. Cooking for guests and spending time with family and friends are also a significant part of our family life. 


Passion: We're passionate about reaching new people by sharing with them the life-changing, soul-saving good news of Jesus Christ and developing them into disciples who make disciples.


Groundwork: We love this community. We have been doing ministry here for 13 years. People under 30 have had Ben as a youth pastor, substitute teacher, Young Life leader, and/or wacky-games leader at their school lunch. Jen has equity, building into this community with her counseling practice. Our kids have several friends through their schools and sports teams.

Education: Ben has a Master of Divinity from Liberty University and B.A. in Theology and Missions from Trinity Western University. Jen has a Master of Science in Marriage in Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University and a B.A. in Honors Psychology from Trinity Western University.

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