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Our mission comes straight from the words of Jesus: 

Love God (Matthew 22:37).

Love people (Matthew 22:39).

Make disciples (Matthew 28:19).


Our values describe the flavor of our church. They describe how we approach our mission. There are great churches that don't hold all of our values. That's okay! We believe God gave us this unique set of convictions to establish a unique kind of church that can reach people who haven't been reached yet. 

Every person matters to God, so every person matters to us.

We practice radical generosity and positivity in our community.

It's okay to belong before you believe. 

In our church and in our homes, people can taste and see that the Lord is good.

We are unashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God that brings salvation. 

We help people take next steps toward Jesus.

We develop ordinary people into extraordinary leaders.

We receive and demonstrate power from the Holy Spirit.

We believe God still does miracles, so we ask Him in faith.

We love Jesus with our heads, hearts, and hands.

We believe small groups make a big impact.

We believe in oneness. It's not a church for me, not a church for you, it's a church for us!


Our vision is our dream for what God's going to do through this church. At New Spirit, we dream of... 


New spirit-filled worship ... New Spirit worship will be positive and joyful because in Christ, we have so much to celebrate. Our worship is passionate, heartfelt, and relevant, demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit and the joy of life with Jesus. 


New people coming ... New Spirit is the kind of church you'll want to invite your friends to. It's the kind of church where your friends will want to stay because they are loved. Because of this, growth is the norm. Since we believe every Sunday is somebody's first Sunday, we anticipate and welcome newcomers, making every effort to be inclusive and make a good first impression. 


New salvations ... We frequently preach the life-changing, soul-saving gospel truth of Jesus Christ crucified for the forgiveness of sins, resulting in new decisions for Christ, new faith, and new Christians. People finding salvation on Sunday morning will be the norm, not the exception. 


New baptisms ... because people will find Jesus at New Spirit Church.


New freedom in Christ ... People at New Spirit will find real help, real change, and real answers. We want to see marriages healed and parent-child relationships restored. We want to see people get unstuck from sin, addiction, old habits, burdens, conflict, and stress. We pray for healing in our lives because we know God still does great things and we believe the Holy Spirit is the same today as he was in the New Testament era.


New testimonies ... We'll give stage time to hear stories of lives transformed by the miraculous work of Christ in people's lives.


New children everywhere ... We envision young people waking up their parents on Sunday morning excited to go to church. They'll have fun, make friends, and feel like they belong here. They'll be made strong in their ability to stand for Jesus in the world. 


New young adults ... because they love energy, acceptance, and community. 


New leaders ... because we are intentional about developing people. People at New Spirit discover their Spirit-given gifts and are given opportunities to put their talents into action for God's kingdom. We seek to empower and equip people, not limit them. We view each young person as a leadership opportunity.


New relevance in preaching ... God's word is regarded as authoritative, taught with conviction, received with eager anticipation, obeyed with passion, and studied with expectation. New Spirit preaching is encouraging, positive, and practical. We address the most relevant issues of Scripture and its effects on the most relevant issues of culture. We preach for faith and for action, and people at New Spirit respond with faith and action. We do not come simply to learn information.


New creative ideas ... At New Spirit, taking risks for the kingdom of God is a virtue. Innovation is honored, not feared, and traditions don't stifle creativity. We are not afraid of failure because we can always learn from them and try again. 


New community ideas ... Our hearts beat for the community. Our value for creativity breeds new community events. We envision hundreds of people equipped and entrusted to impact others that live next door and across the street. We envision partnerships with other ministries to fulfill our shared mission.


New depth ... We find new depth of spiritual growth and friendships in groups, where we encourage one another, pray for one another, sharpen one another, and fulfill the "one another" commandments of the New Testament. We discover and practice our spiritual gifts in our community groups.

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