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Enumclaw City Population: 13,000

Zip Code 98022 Population: 21,000

School District Population: 28,500 (up 3,400 since 2010)

Plateau Population: 57,000

We love this community!


Enumclaw is an incredible place to raise kids. We love our schools and pre-schools. We love our teachers and administrators. We love our police, firefighters, and first responders. We love our coaches and counselors. We love our faithful homeschooling parents. Together, they make Enumclaw one of the safest places in Washington state. 

Enumclaw is a beautiful place. We love the grass fields, where horses and cattle graze. We love the rivers and foothills, where hunters, fishers, skiiers, and hikers enjoy God's creation. We love our mountain, Mt. Rainier. There's no better view than from Enumclaw. 

Enumclaw is a great place to live, and people have noticed. The population has grown by about 20% in the last 10 years. This is reflected by several new housing developments going up around the edges of town. We live in tension: we love Enumclaw the way it used to be, but we also love the new people moving to this community. 


After years of growth, the Enumclaw School District has only one church per 1,400 people. Compare that to Seattle, which has one church per 480 people. 

This week, there will be 7 babies born in Enumclaw's St. Elizabeth Hospital - 5 of them will go home to non-religious families.


In addition, there will be 10 new families that move into our school district this week - 2 will be religious and looking for a new home church, and 8 of those families will have no faith or church background. 

With so many new families moving to Enumclaw, new churches are needed to meet the demands of a growing population. Despite thousands of new residents, and a growth rate of 20%, Enumclaw has had only 2 new churches start up (and 2 close their doors) in the last 10 years.

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